How is an aged cell regenerated?

作者:Xu Rongxiang 出版社:CHINA SOCIAL SCIENCES PRESS 发行日期:2009 September

From the above introduction, it is clear that the diseased or apoptosic cells can be replaced by regenerated cells, then how about the aged cells?  You can find the answer in the following case.  According to the results of the gastroscopy before regenerative restoration on May 10th 2007, parts of the villi exfoliated and all villi turned atrophy.  After 6 months regenerative restoration, the new gastroscopy results showed that most of the gastrointestinal villi were regenerated and the GI tract returned to the younger state.  We realized this without precedent in the history.  All our club members here will have the same change through the course of regenerative restoration, since an 80-year-old senior could have part of villi regenerated.  Gastrointestinal regeneration, the true reflection of organ regeneration, is even more important than severed finger regeneration, because it is the precondition for the regeneration and renewal of other internal organs.  Another example: a patient with 12-year history of coronary heart disease is cured by systemic regenerative restoration, which indeed gave the doctors a shock.  That is a convincing example to show that all other organs of the human body can be repaired through the functional improvement of the GI tract.  After the improvement of the GI tract, the quality of life still can be improved a lot even though regenerative nutrients are replaced by common food.

The regeneration and renewal of the GI tract could be hindered despite of the improved GI function if the necessary regenerative nutrients are not supplied continuously; on the contrary, the maintenance of continuous nutritional supply will guarantee the regeneration and renewal so as to improve the GI function.  That is our established theory of secondary life cell regeneration and renewal.  The proper application of that theory gives us the promise of controlling cancer, renewing organs and greatly improving the quality of our life.