The mystery of cancer and the relation between cancer and re

作者:Xu Rongxiang 出版社:CHINA SOCIAL SCIENCES PRESS 发行日期:2009 September

Cancer is a big topic, so we dared not to release our results to the public though we had already completed the basic experiments on the mechanism of cancer, knowing that our results would definitely cause a hot debate in the scientific and economic field.  It will not so easy for my study results to be accepted by most of the people, though I have finished all the due studies on cancer.  Here, I aim at showing you how regenerative nutrients for secondary life cells affect the normal cells and cancer cells separately.

According to the basic regulation of food safety, the screened regenerative nutrients should be assessed for its non-toxicity in the first place.  MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule was tested in Capital University of Medical Sciences before permitted entering the market, which showed no toxic reaction in all tests.  Moreover, many test albino rats got stronger by taking the capsules without mortality occurrence.  From that result, I made the inference that this product which contains regenerative nutrients might be effective for preventing cancer.  Subsequently, I started experiments by trying regenerative nutrients on various typical normal cells prone to be converted into cancer cells, in order to explore the possible cancer-preventing effect by getting the negative result of cancer cells conversion.  To my surprise, it was observed in the studies that none of the cells cultured in normal media (MEM) containing regenerative nutrients were able to be converted to cancer cells.  The cancer-preventing effect of regenerative nutrients was then discovered and confirmed. 

After this discovery, I explored further the actual effect of regenerative nutrients on cancer, which can be prohibition or necrosis induction.  Results were finally obtained after another five year study on cancer as follows.  We carried out experiments on human organs after on animals.  The first subject we tested is lung cancer cells.  Till now, lung cancer tops the list of cancers with the highest incidences.  Current therapies including radiotherapy and chemotherapy show little effect on it.  Even the surgical management can only delay the death for a few years.  Actually, no significant statistic difference has been observed on the comparison between the surgical and nonsurgical methods in cancer survival time.  And few alternatives are available. 

We screened total 210 types of MEBO Elixir, regenerative nutrients containing compounds, catered for various cells by culturing various potential regenerative cells with different types of MEBO Elixir like MEBO Elixir No.11, No.12, No.21, No.22, No.31 and choosing the most suitable type for the specific cell type.  Among them, there are totally 6 types of MEBO Elixir are indicated to lead to the regeneration of lung cells.  However, we found in our screening that not all the regenerative nutrients favorable for cell regeneration have the anti-cancer effect.  Thus it is necessary for us to firstly compare the effects of a certain type of MEBO Elixir on both cancer cells and normal pneumonocytes.  In our study, all of No.11, No.12 and No.22 MEBO Elixir showed the double effects of not only promoting normal cellular growth but inducing cancer cell degeneration, among which No. 22 was proved to be the most effective.  The currently practiced anti-cancer methods share the common disadvantage of killing both normal cells and cancer cells.  Our experiments produced the results that MEBO Elixir No. 22 encouraged normal cells for their growth while killing cancer cells.  After that, we performed human tests based on the above three types of MEBO Elixir by adding them into the nutrition for humans.  Different from most of the food ingredients which are all killing both normal cells and cancer cells, our MEBO Elixir could kill two birds with one stone, i.e.: support normal cell growth while killing cancer cells.
But why?  What are the mechanisms behind it?  Before I answer your question, let me show you the results from our study first.  For the morphology of the normal human lung cells cultured in MEM with regenerative nutrients, it was obvious that the normal lung cells were not only alive but began to proliferate after swallowing No.22, indicating the regenerative nutrients contained in No.22 can be used by lung cells and involved in their construction process; in addition, regeneration was throughout the development of lung cells accompanied by active division without variation.  On the contrary, no division was observed in the normal cells cultured without No.22 at the same time interval.  More surprisingly, after cancer cells were cultured in the same media with No.22, the absorbability of the cell was decreased, cell organs turned to disfiguration, which finally led to the cell death.  There are two types of cell death: apoptosis and cell disaggregation (usually with toxin release).  In our study, the death of cancer cells was determined as apoptosis for no disaggregation was observed.   

Based on the aforementioned anti-cancer effect, no wonder lots of feedbacks from cancer patients who tried our regenerative nutrients containing MEBO Elixir stated the improved objective sign.  Nowadays, most of the scientists are still trying to kill cancer through changing genes.  However, it is indicated in our study results that anti-cancer has no connection with genes.  Cancer cells are generated from the normal cells which are not provided with sufficient necessary nutrition!  Almost all the shortage can be supplemented by MEBO Elixir.  For example, there is P22 in it, a natural compound with amino acids and fatty acids as ingredients.

For the anticancer effect of MEBO Elixir, there are several typical cases for your reference.  The first case is a 58-year-old female patient with pulmonary carcinoma.  The background for this patient with our treatment can be dated back to January 25th of 2008 when the Chinese Lunar New Year was around the corner.  We launched the total nutrient dietotherapy aids program including providing free MEBO Elixir and MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule to some requiring cancer patients in their last stage in hope of lessening their suffering and enjoying the last few days of their lives with their family members.  Except several patients who died from the severe condition caused by the cancer, the remaining majorities have spent the happy spring festival and most of them are still alive now.  Our original plan for this program was four months at most, because internationally accepted figure of survival is four months at most for the end-stage cancer patients.  As for the first case I mentioned which was examined after pleural fluid and hemoptysis occurring and could not be improved by several times of chemotherapy. The patient is still alive as one of the participants in our program.  The patient had been improved greatly with hemoptysis controlled, pains of the ribs alleviated, and cough relieved.  We have videos of all the participating cancer patients made by themselves during each stage of treatment with the statement about their improvement before and after treatment.

The second case is a leukemia patient.  Though leukemia is considered as a challenging disease, it is not so tough for our therapy.  In our animal study, regeneration of the bone marrows by our method could not be hindered by 60Co radiation compared with the control group in which deterioration occurred in the marrow after radiation.  This patient was diagnosed as leukemia repeatedly relapsing,to whom the medical intervention was withdrawn.  She was admitted in our program in early February of 2008.  The latest examination on March 3rd of 2008 showed her bone marrows had been converted to normal completely with her physical condition the same with the normal people.  

It is our primary goal of the program on January 25th of 2008 to let the cancer participants enjoy their last spring festival with family members.  To our excitement, most of them lasted till now with improved conditions and shrinking tumors according to the statistics.  It was stated by the relative of one of our participants that the patient who should have had 3 months’ living days judged by his attending doctor had survived for almost one year in a good condition since managed with our method.  It is now safe to conclude that cancer is resulted from the lack of nutrition,and middle-aged people are the high risk population.  During the transitional period from the middle-age to the senior stage, cells of the body need more nutrition for renewal, leading to the increased incidence rate of cancers consequently.  With that theory as basis, it turns out much easier for us to conquer cancer, i.e. providing the first life cells and secondary life cells with adequate regenerative nutrients and compound.  Our new health preservation program will begin with cancer control and prevention by handing out our regenerative nutrients and compound as anticancer food to nationwide end-stage cancer patients.  Again I want to emphasize the importance of cancer prevention for those healthy people.  In our club, one of your cells will be taken and cultured for analysis, especially on its nutrition requirement, so as to provide you the specific health preservation service.  Since you are already clear about the mechanism of our health preservation, you will have the conception of regeneration and understand the principle of health preservation.  Then why not to start action to give regenerative nutrients to your blood for any organ which is in need of them?

Last, all the above contents aim to help you know why human body can be regenerated; how to eat rightly by following the diet hierarchy and bioclocks; how to maintain your organs in normal renewal circle and healthy, and how to prevent cancer.  Detailed information about total nutrient dietotherapy for anticancer program will be published specifically.