Closing remarks

作者:Xu Rongxiang 出版社:CHINA SOCIAL SCIENCES PRESS 发行日期:2009 September

In contrast to his luck on scientific study, Rongxiang Xu’s life experience was full of frustrations.  He founded MEBT techniques and brought burn medicine in a new era, however, he was misunderstood, criticized, and blamed for no reason at the same time; he invented bionic medication to save millions of lives from suffering, and was forced to struggle with traditional opinions to obtain registration permit; he raised the most advanced scientific proposal and proposed the molecular medicine journey with a capable team, and what will be waiting for him? 

Rongxiang Xu’s adversity may be caused by the fact that his scientific beliefs and activities are too advanced to be accepted.  Even if one has the truth, it still takes a long while for the truth to be accepted by the tradition and public.  The good thing is: truth is truth nonetheless and time is the best touchstone.  No matter how long the waiting, how huge the setback, time will not cover the truth; it will only make it dazzling bright.

The MEBT techniques brought burn medicine into a new era worldwide.  Now the study results of in situ stem cell culture obtained by Rongxiang Xu will lead the world into a new era of regeneration never seen before.