Composition of the food

作者:Xu Rongxiang 出版社:CHINA SOCIAL SCIENCES PRESS 发行日期:2009 September
The principle of diet should be to maintain the nutrients for the first life cells while supplementing nutrients for the secondary life cells.  In the daily life, people choose certain food as their diets according to their tastes.  To make a difference, we made a thorough study about the diet.  On one hand, we classified those nutrients which can promote cell growth in vitro as the nutritional composition for the first life cells into five categories which can be further divided into two types, i.e. essential nutrients and inessential nutrients.  Based on that classification, more essential nutrients should be taken in than inessential nutrients.  The following list demonstrates the ingredients in the daily diet for your reference.  Different from the first life cells, the secondary life cells need regenerative nutrients as its food.  Regenerative nutrients will form a hierarchy which is also essential for human body, but they are not hormones which are apposed by us also.  In our experiment, animals fed with regenerative nutrients lived double age comparing to those fed with routine food, indicating the function of these regenerative nutrients in activating the secondary life cells.  As the first life cells fed with the above five elements, the secondary life cells need regenerative nutrients.  In the near future, we will produce some regenerative nutrients contained in food like cakes or chocolates with different tastes for you to choose from.  
What is the optimal nutritional compound?  We screened it out by various cell experiments.  Take epithelial cells as an example, we tried to culture them with nutritional compounds with different ingredients and ratios so as to get the best composition.  We also decomposed many kinds of food to analyze the composition, which was then recombined for further specific tests.  It took us years before we got the results showing the composition and proportion of ingredients of the food (see figure above).  Now, anyone of you can feed your own first life cells well without body discomfort by simply following the above results.  Meanwhile, it is equally important to satisfy the secondary life cells with regenerative nutrients so as to activate them into function.  And you can feel the activation by comparing the two states and strength of your body before and after the intake of regenerative nutrients as I always do.  If such activation has never occurred in your body, you can not feel it.  To sum up, it is our conception of total nutriton diet to feed two types of cells, and our method of health cultivation also rests on this conception concerning either managing incurable diseases or controlling other common diseases. 

With all these theories, mechanisms, and ingredients demonstrated, what on earth are the mechanisms behind the results of our experiments?  No one can answer this question, for all these were facts obtained from our cell tests.  For example, the results from our weight reduction procedure indicated that the regeneration of internal organs should be simultaneously maintained while reducing weight.  How could the internal organs grow without the supply of regenerative nutrients?  That is the reason why some people ended up with cancer after successful weight loss, because they know little about the damage to internal organs by weight reduction.  In essence, cancer is caused by the abnormal differentiation of cells of the internal organs without adequate supply of essential regenerative nutrients.  This simply shows the importance of feeding both first and secondary life cells.  Therefore, our diet must be scientifically healthy.  It is suggested that protein should be taken mainly from beef and mutton while trying to avoid pork intake or take only those lean pork with fats educed under high temperature.  The ratio between fat and protein in lean pork is 1:1, not as optimal as that of beef or mutton of being 3:7.  Beef or mutton from free-range and grazing animals is better than that from machine-fed animals feeding on the hormone containing forage.  When taking eggs, the ratio between egg white and egg yolk should be 2:1 or 3:2 instead of 1:1.  I will propose a sample of a standard nutritional diet for your reference.  Above all, the scientific diet should not be based on personal taste, especially for those who have excessive abdominal fat.  Patients with adiposis hepatica need not only the nutritional diet but also the regenerative nutrients beneficial for the hepatic disorder.