Chapter One Scientific Announcement

作者:Xu Rongxiang 出版社:CHINA SOCIAL SCIENCES PRESS 发行日期:2009 September

Before Christian era began, in the long, long river of history of human life observation and exploration, the human gradually found the basic laws about human life.  They recorded them systematically in writing and handed them down generation after generation, and that is the history of human civilization and development we all know now.  After Christian era began, with agricultural revolution and new sources of life energy were found and produced, the scientific research had evolved from life laws to life science.  In the East, traditional medicine had gained a fast and considerable development, and meanwhile in the West, medical thinking of Hippocrates in ancient Greece had obtained a substantial and scientific development.

By the period of Renaissance, the birth of alchemy gave impetus to substance chemistry research on life science.  At that time, people started to know the basic elements composing human body and the basic ingredients of nutritious substances essential to life, and also deeply understood the mechanism by which some special substances antagonized diseases. In the mid nineteenth century, along with the invention of telescope and microscope, the human began to see the smaller life unit-----cell, which led to the emergence of the science of most basic life unit, which promoted the modernization of medicine, and subsequently microbiology and modern medicine were developed.  And after that, Mendel discovered the chromosome, the genetic substance of human life.  This discovery started a new era of human genetic research.  In the twentieth century, human carried on and further developed the genetic research of Mendel, found the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in chromosome and its structural configuration.  Deeply encouraged by this discovery, almost all of the human life scientists in the world concentrated on chromosome, hoping to find the secret of human life and hereby to master it.  But through the hard work for almost one century, they had only obtained the sequences of genetic substances in the chromosome isolated from the cells (human gene mapping).  The application of this research is still being expected.

In the eighties of the twentieth century, some scientists, after confused for nearly one century by molecular biology research results, recalled again the research of cell, the smallest unit of life.  At that time, some embryological experts restarted the research on embryological laws.  They isolated the cells from embryo and studied them in vitro, and discovered some laws of cellular biology not found before, which is the well known start of embryonic stem cell (ESC) research.  In these in vitro researches, it was found that ESCs showed a differentiation tendency toward forming tissues and organs, and could be induced to become different types of cells, as if in the embryonic development stage in vivo.  Greatly encouraged by this finding, scientists all over the world seemed to find a great prospect.  They believed that if the ESCs are cultured and become an organ which is transplanted into the human body, then the patients can be saved; if the ESCs are transplanted into the patients, these stem cells can develop into a new organ just like they do during embryonic development in vivo.   As a result, the new organ automatically replaces the diseased organ.  Could these become true?  Cherishing such good wishes, history of the human entered the twenty first century.

As members of the human, in early nineteen eighties, resulting from the application of moist exposed growth law of life, we acquired the clinical effect of regenerative healing of skin wound caused by deep burn, which drew us into cytological research.  But our research direction was on the opposite of ESC research which is based on a presumption that under the law of human embryonic development, ESCs can be cultured and form an organ in vitro and then be transplanted into the body to cure diseases and save patients.  Nevertheless, our research goal is to construe thoroughly why the lost human skin can be regenerated in situ completely.  Skin is the largest organ of the human body. If the secret of skin regeneration is revealed, all other organs in human body might also be regenerated by the same law.  Under our research plan, we found firstly that the histological change of skin regeneration is under the law of embryonic histological change.  After this finding, it came to our mind that if skin regeneration abides by the law of embryonic development of tissues and organs, the progenitor cells for skin regeneration must be stem cells.  This supposition led us to the stem cell research. It is important to point out here that our stem cell research is focusing on the mechanism of producing stem cells in situ, but not on manufacturing organs by ESCs.

On the eve of the 21st century, American journal 'Science' announced the 揟op Ten List of the Best Scientific Advances?in 1999.  Stem cell research was put in the first place, and this resulted in a fierce ethical dispute.  During this period, our research has already revealed the secrets of skin regeneration.  Early in 1997, we completed a clinical training to Chinese burn doctors with high academic titles and instructed them how to regenerate and restore skin after deep burn with large surface area involved.  While almost all of the life scientists in the world were starting an upsurge of ESCs research, we were also very excited, but not for the stem cell research.  We were worried about this feverish situation, because our research accomplishment had presented a different law.  As known to all researchers of life science, stem cells from both embryos and adult tissues adhere to the same life laws, other laws shall not exist.  Then who is right and who is wrong?  We know with certainty that our discovery is definitely right, because the stem cell life law we obtained was from the regenerated organs, and the clinical application has been completed and realized.  On the contrary, the law of organ cloning from ESCs is only an illusion which is not confirmed by practice.  Thus, in order to remind all the scientists engaged in ESC research in the world, early in June, 2000, we published several books and held press conference attended by domestic and foreign reporters to publicly demonstrate the clinical results and life laws about skin tissue cells being able to be transformed into stem cells and then regenerate organs.  To let the public deeply understand our research, assisted by Science and Technology Daily, we, in tens of thousands of words, deeply and extensively reported the discovery process of somatic cells being transformed into stem cells and then to regenerate organs.  This is the start point of the scientific breakthrough and the establishment of a new scientific system which includes artificial induction of stem cells from somatic cells and the regeneration and restoration of tissues and organs in situ.  In 2001, we again held a press conference on our research in which gastrointestinal organs were cloned by gastrointestinal tissue cells successfully.  This also repeated the scientific law of skin cell transformation into stem cells.  After systematically completing all these studies, we applied and acquired twenty patents in the United States, Europe, and China for this scientific platform (see the attached pictures about somatic cells transforming into stem cells).

Although we repeatedly explained and popularized the in vivo somatic cell transformation into stem cell on various national and international conferences, the raging waves of international ESC research still exerted a great and extensive impact on the life science research community.  ESC research laboratories were established in many universities and hospitals, all of them are going toward the same dream of the success of ESC research.  In view of this situation, in August, 2002, we held a large press conference for our great and extensive achievements in our own life science research programs, and declared that we already successfully realized the whole process in which somatic cells (potentially regenerative cells, PRCs) can be transformed into stem cells and then regenerate the organs, displayed the materials of cloned tissues and organs, and earnestly announced that we would complete regeneration of all tissues and organs in human body in 5 years.  In the meanwhile, a public hearing organized by Ministry of Science and Technology of People's Republic of China was held and attended by Academicians of Academy of Sciences of China.  Shortly after that, I was invited to attend two international conferences, one was the International Conference on Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine held in the United States in 2002, the other was Asia Pacific Stem Cells and Cloning Summit held in Singapore in 2003. In the two Conferences, as the invited guest, I presented special speeches on how to clone tissues and organs from somatic cells, and the clinical application for treating traumas and gastrointestinal ulcers.  In 2004, KARGER in Switzerland, one of the world's famous medical publishers, officially published my English regenerative medicine monograph book---'Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy'. 

To emphasize its importance for scientific research all over the world, in the website of KARGER: "revolutionary and amazing"was commented.  As a result, this book evoked a worldwide repercussion; some famous life scientists from Germany, Britain, and the United States came to China to visit us on purpose for discussion about stem cell research.  Swedish National Television Station entrusted by Swedish National Committee of Sciences came to China especially for a visit.  Stanford University of United States invited me especially for the special subject lecture.  Some Professors of dermatology from Harvard University of the United States especially came to my home to discuss academic issues (some photos about academic communications in that time).

After KARGER published my first monograph book about clinical application of regenerative medicine, great attention of many scientists from the United States and other western countries was drawn.  Some scientists began to self-examine their past research work, and meanwhile tried to discard the old approach for ESC research to follow the way of transforming somatic cells into stem cells, for example, Japanese scientists reported an advance about somatic cells being transformed into analogous stem cells through re-programming in 2006.  Although there was actually no stem cell transformed successfully in their research, and the 'false' stem cells ---'resembling cancer cells' were produced, this indicated that they began to follow our research direction by transforming somatic cells into stem cells.  In 2007, scientists from Japan and the United States simultaneously applied this research result to human skin cell experiments, and obtained the same results. As a result, with lavish praise from some famous journals, they even asserted that they realized the transformation of stem cells from somatic cells, which set off an upsurge on transforming somatic cells into stem cells worldwide.  On the other hand, several embryo scientists, headed by Father of Dolly the Sheep declared they will abandon the ESC research and enter the above-mentioned field of somatic cells transforming into 'stem cells'.  We, as the first ones who achieved the induction of stem cells from somatic cells, are very appreciated of their change. 

In August, 2007, we announced our clinical application results of in situ regenerative restoration of some of the human organs as scheduled, and wholly declared the research results that rat somatic cells were transformed into stem cells and subsequently to regeneratively renovate aged tissues and organs in vivo.  In the following, we spared no effort for the research of clinical application on human somatic cells regeneratively restoring tissues and organs in situ.  While we were summarizing and preparing to announce the preliminary clinical research results of human in situ regenerative restoration, British journal 'Nature' published that some Chinese scientists conducted a 'successful' tetraploid mouse cloning by using the misleading concept of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells made by Japanese researchers, which was incomprehensible.  Therefore, we issued our statement to strongly oppose the mouse cloning with carcinogenic iPS cells.  It not only violates the human life ethics, but also of no application value, because iPS cells are cancer risky.  Furthermore, I have stated my opinion by China News Agency to the whole world.  Coincidentally, several days ago, 'Nature' also published an article vigorously criticizing the carcinogenicity of iPS cells.

We reported our achievements:"nduction of stem cells from somatic cells"and"regenerative restoration of tissues and organs In situ"by an announcement in order to display the realized and already applied techniques to the world, urge more scientists to give up their impractical dreams in scientific research and to join as soon as possible the research alliance using our realized stem cell accomplishments to save human.  There are no national boundaries for sciences.  Invention, creation, and popularization of scientific accomplishments beneficial to human are our shared responsibilities.  We appeal for WHO, the governments of different countries, and financial and capital groups, enterprises, and institutions to work together to change the life science research into immediate application, and consequently make more people enjoy the benefits brought by human body regenerative restoration science sooner, to make lives healthier, happier, longer living, and colorful!

The advancements of our pioneer research on life science announced here far surpasses and is far higher than the determined aim of molecular biology and ESC research. Our research is no longer to simply treat organ and tissue diseases that were believed incurable, but have already realized the discontinuation of advanced ageing and regenerative repair of aged tissues and organs back to younger stage, which is directly associated with the changes of life nature.  For example, aged gastrointestinal mucosa restore to rejuvenated mucosa.  In general, after the age of 40, gastrointestinal mucosa begin to age obviously, about 40 percent of mucosal cells lose their structure and function, resulting in decrease of digestion and absorption of food and nutrients. Consequently, tissues and organs obtain insufficient nutritious elements, which may lead to premature ageing, various organ diseases, and malignant tumors.  This organ ageing caused by poor absorption of nutrition has developed to an irresistible natural pattern of premature termination of human life.  The announced techniques in this book can restore gastrointestinal mucosa back to younger functional state within 6 months, making the digestive and absorptive function restored to more juvenescent stage and therefore to ensure adequate nutrition for tissues and organs and stop the premature ageing resulting from malnutrition.  In addition to preventing and reducing organ diseases, more importantly, this announced technique can extend one's life span.  Now that premature ageing of human gastrointestine can be discontinued with tissue and organ regenerative restoration, all other tissues and organs in human body can also be restored to more juvenescent stage and therefore premature ageing can be stopped. This is the common law of life.  Moreover, this goal has been already realized completely in animal experiments in vivo.

The clinical application results declared in this scientific announcement are mostly demonstrated by pictures. We responsibly state that these achievements not only help to solve the difficulties in modern life science and to cure the challenging diseases in modern clinical medicine, but also establish a new life science in which premature ageing of tissues and organs can be discontinued with tissue and organ regenerative restoration; and furthermore, all of the above has not been addressed in the modern life science research frontier.  These achievements are also critical to the right of existence of human.  All nations, institutions, and organizations of different countries can verify our research results. The aim of this scientific announcement is to do our best to improve human health and life quality.  As members of human, we have completed the preliminary application research of regenerative science which is essential to all human life.  Although we established a whole new field of human life science, we are not capable of implementing these scientific achievements to benefit mankind so soon by ourselves.  So, herein, we speak to the world seriously to help people understand the new life science system that was established by mankind to ensure safe life, health and longevity.  Human life science research has started a new era of 揌uman Body Regenerative Restoration Science?  We hope to draw great attention on this situation from the United Nations, governments, financial organizations, financial groups, enterprises, and institutions.

Rongxiang Xu
August, 2009, Beijing