Dr. Rongxiang Xu and His Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science

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  GuestDr. Rongxiang Xu, the vice president of Chinese Union of Youth Science Workers
  DateJan. 22nd, 2010
  Brief Introduction It is the long pursued goal of generations of life scientists to explore the secret of human body. How powerful on earth is the human life’s potential?  How long can the human expectancy be prolonged? Here, we have Dr. Rongxiang Xu, the vice president of Chinese Union of Youth Science Workers, to show us the prospective human future in his view, beginning with the miraculous story of his experiences on burn treatment.
China Talk (CT): Hello, welcome to China Talk. It is said that 21st century is the century of life science, when the life and health has been concerned more than ever before by the Chinese. In order to seize the top of life science study, and develop capably researching and high-productive high-tech bio-industries, lots of excellent Chinese scholars and scientists have devoted themselves to the relevant studies. Today, we are honored to have Dr. Rongxiang Xu here, the leader among those researchers, and author of the monograph “Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science”. Welcome, Dr. Xu.
CT: Recently, ‘life science’ has become one of the hottest topics. But it seems too professional for us general public to understand. Shall I begin my interview on this topic with your monograph? So what is your purpose to publish this book?
Dr. Rongxiang Xu (Xu): Primarily, I wrote this book to appeal to the public to know more about their own lives,and to tell them their lives have a great potential of regeneration. Secondly, I want to tell people it is not merely the duty of medicine and modern biotech to achieve the health preservation; more importantly, people can maintain their health with their native regenerative potential of their own; besides, they should be aware of the due length of their life and if there is any space for a longer life expectancy. Once the public get more knowledge as above, they will, as I hope, make a brand new plan for both their career and their life.
CT: How is the situation of the research on life science worldwide before and after your book was published?
Xu: Retrospectively speaking of the life science worldwide from the view of the history of the development of human life science, it shall begin with the invention of the microscopy in the mid of 19th century which showed the micro world in front of human eyes. Before that, people did not even know the existence of cells besides the knowledge of muscle and inner organs. Over two hundred years following the historical turning point till now, people have spent a long time and taken a tough road on the study and exploration of cells, as the road has provided significant space for all the scientists to continue the exploration. Unfortunately, it is a pity that few fundamental principles of human cells has been studied and discovered after the ‘cell’ was discovered, which led to the ‘slow’ progress of modern life science. 
Human cells studies can be categorized into several types according to the human embryo development or human cell activity. However, there was a ‘small fault’ in the process of study on human cells, which was not as minor as it seemed. Researchers have been focused on the study of in vitro human cells, not aware that the in vitro cells are totally different from the in situ cells in the human body. It has been verified by studies now that the principles underlying those two types of cells are totally not the same. Therefore, it turns out that 200 years’ studies and accumulated experience cannot help us to make great breakthrough in the exploration of life science. 
Xu: The study of generic substances inside the cells is another way to study cells, which can also be called genes study. In fact, this is started by Dr. Mendel when he proposed the concept of ‘chromosome’ in the mid of 19th Century. It was not until forty years later around 1903 to 1907 the composition of chromosome was known to the researchers. At that time, they were excited for such a big discovery, thinking that they have found the key to the mystery of human life. And current generic technology rose up at that period of time. However, after another 100 years’ efforts on gene study, it is still under the process of exploration, and few achievements benefit for the health of human life has been obtained.
Why the study on life science at this stage seems not as exciting and fruitful as we expected? The problem lies in that they did not look back to see whether their thinking clues of the study were correct or not. Different from them, our studies have been based on in situ human cells, which enabled us to find the existence of the regenerative potential of the human body. The regenerative potential we found is not as simple as it is considered. As we know that wall lizard can have its   severed tail regenerated. Is it under the same principle as we mentioned? The answer is no. The regeneration of lizard’s tail is like the hair growth of humans since the both have the germinal layer underneath. If the paw was cut off, no regeneration could occur on the lizard. Different from lizard, human has the regenerative potential, which was considered impossible according to the conventional concept of human body by life science. We found the potential during our study on the role of in situ human cells, and have such potential into realization. For example, we have applied successfully our technology to use the potential to regenerate the severed human fingers, while lizards cannot regrow theirs. That is the key to the secret of human body as a higher animal.
However, in the exploration of human life, it’s like we are in the cosmos, where little about the life is known to us. The only thing we can do is to discover step by step. From the perspective of life science forefront, we are the only one who has really carried out the study of the life principle of human cells.
CT: What do you think the significance of the publication of your book?
XU: It means everybody will know the existence of regenerative potential of life. In other words, people had little knowledge about life itself before, and they know it now and the regenerative ability as well after reading the book.
CT: Exactly, it is obviously a key point in the exploration of life. So would you please explain for us the concept of ‘human body regenerative restoration science’ again?
Xu: Science is the presentation of natural principle. ‘human body regenerative restoration science’ is to use the regenerative potential of the human body to achieve the in situ regenerative restoration of human organs and tissues, with this life relay, the human body can be maintained in security with health and longevity. In a word, ‘human body regenerative restoration science’ is a scientific system to present the principle of human body regeneration.
CT: What is the core technique and mechanism in the theory of the above science?
Xu: The core technique and its mechanism can be illustrated as follow: Human body is developed from a cell formed by the merge of the egg and the sperm. In each stage of the development, the human cells reserve a cell with regenerative potential in the body. When does this type of cells play their role? Once the human somatic cells suffers premature aging, cacerization, severe necrosis caused by diseases or injury and apoptosis, those cells will regenerate (clone) new cells in situ to replace the disordered cells, and subsequently to maintain the contact and normal structure and function human organs. That is the basic core of the theory of the above science.
CT: That is human body can clone the its cells in situ by itself?
Xu: Yes, that is the potential of every human being.
CT: Is there any need of improvement for this book as you consider?
Xu: In fact, this book is a summary and announcement of the results obtained by 30 years’ study from 1979 to 2009. As you can see, the book presents each step’s research and results by way of announcement. Yes, it definitely needs to be improved, for it is just the beginning of the development of human life science. From the perspective of the connotation of science, there are still enormous unknowns to explore. As far as this book, further illustration will be needed. In order to help the public to comprehend entirely the meaning of the content, at least another ten series of books after this are needed to be published.
In the book, each concept is close to people’s concern, like how long should our life expectancy be. In average, we can live up to 80 and even 90 in China, while 47 is the average life span for people in Somalia. Definitely, this is related to the difference in the quality of life. For example, in 00 AD, people could only live up to about 28 years old in average, for all the requirements and conditions of life prolong was insufficient. How long can our life be on earth? Till now, the most accepted opinion is the life span of human cells relies on the telomere at the end of a chromosome, and the scientist who discovered the telomere won the Nobel Prize of Science last year. According to his theory, the telomere gets shortened little by little with the prolonging of cellular life. If the average life span of human now is 90 years, there is still two thirds of the entire length of the telomere unconsumed when we die. That means we can at least live twice of our current age (eg. 90 years old). 
We have repeated the theory with our animal experiments on albino rats, for we have raised our albino rats up to the age three times longer than that of the common ones. The reason we choose rats as the subject is that they share the most similarities with humans. Now, how to find the way to realize the longer life span of humans? That is all the scientists’ goal. While in life science study, most of them are in vitro studies on the life science; it is us the Chinese who established the scientific system in situ, to be proud. 
CT: As we know that your primary research field is burns based on the application of skin regeneration theory, which is also the rudiment for your current science. Could you talk about where this idea came from?
Xu: It was just a coincident. Maybe God passed this message to us on purpose. In fact, at that moment, I did not think about using the regeneration concept to solve the problem of burns and in stead, my original goal was to heal the burn wounds, reduce pains and deaths. My research on burns began when I was in college and it has been almost 30 years for this research since then. To be surprised, the Moist Exposed Burn Therapy we attempted was significantly different from the traditional method of drying the wound surface: the dry wound could not be closed or closed with scars while new skin was regenerated on the ‘moist’ wound. Of course, there are many research and stories during the development of this therapy.
We were so curious when we found that new skin was regenerated on the burn wound treated with my therapy while none observed on the dry wound. In addition, cells on the two wounds were also different by the microscopic study. The only explanation is there were embryonic cells on the regenerated wound. But that is impossible, for adults do not have embryonic cells any more after development finished. So what on earth were those cells? Since then, we have been exploring all these years to try to find out the answer. First of all, we presumed the primary skin regenerative cells. Based on the process of human development, those cells with the function of forming skin should be the embryonic stem cell---K-19 cell.
Were these cells (on burn wound) truly the stem cells? That was what we must study and approve further. However, there were no specific markers at that time in the world to identify stem cells. We had to probe into the research on our own while waiting for the coming of relevant science and technology. Finally, in the early 1990s, the technique to identify the human body skin embryonic stem cells came in to maturity which enabled us to apply this technique to determine whether our studied cells were stem cells or not. But we didn’t make any progress. Then we found out that the reason we failed to identify the stem cells came from the experimental method we used, as at the beginning we applied the international standard method for stem cell identification, ie., to take out some of those cells from the wound surface of the burn patients for culture in vitro. We found that this didn’t work, because as long as the cells were taken away from the human body, they were not the same human body cells any more. So we stopped culturing these in vitro cells, but tried to identify the cells directly from wound surface without in vitro culturing step. Finally, we identified the positive expression of embryonic stem cells (K-19 cells). Then everything could be explained since those cells had formed the new skin in the process of embryonic development. That was why new skin could be regenerated on the wound without residual skin. But we were clear we could not stop there, right? We must find out who was the mother of those stem cells. Eventually we found Potential Regenerative Cells.
Now let’s go back to your question —how did we come up with the concept of expanding the theory of skin regeneration to other organs’ regeneration? As we know, skin is the largest organ of human body. If we can fulfill the in situ regeneration of skin, we should be able to achieve the regeneration of other organs. Then according to the process of skin regeneration development, we continued researches on other organs regeneration. The first subject we studied on is gastro-intestine regeneration. For example, if the ulcerative gastro intestine can be regenerated back to its normal state? Can the refractory chronic atrophic gastritis be cured? Thus, we carried out both in vivo and in vitro experiments. Now we have not only fulfilled the regeneration of injured but also achieved the restoration of prematurely aged gastrointestinal organs to a young status. Here, regenerative restoration means to restore the organ to the normal status it should be.
This is the course how we firstly explored the rules of burns skin regeneration and then expanded the studies to different organs of human body. We have fulfilled the in situ regeneration of 55 organs till 2002 and we held a large-scale news conference to release the achievements. After another 5 years since 2002, we fulfilled the regeneration of main organs in human body. Now this project is done and more and more people will benefit from the achievements.
CT: As we know that there were many doubts by others during your research course, including the theory that injured skin cannot be regenerated as many academicians stuck to. Where did your courage come from to overthrow the traditional theory?
Xu: There are many stories. The knowledge of a single person is always limited, and scientist none of the scientists knows everything. From the traditional concept of skin, they considered the skin regeneration from the deep wound as an impossible job. Of course, they were well-meaning though they claimed me as a liar. It is understandable because as long as a person has learned medicine knowledge for three months, he will claim that it is impossible. However, we believed without any doubts at that time since we were probing in to the regeneration process based on our true results. The result showed that new skin was regenerated indeed. The academician did not observe the new skin regenerated and he didn’t carry out such researches; thus, he thought it was impossible. Of course, the thought was relatively narrow. It is ridiculous that one still claimed it was impossible even after we already achieved the new skin regeneration clinically. Therefore, I told my staffs to collect the negative materials and papers and listed on our website in order to make a comparison with ours. Since we’ve already observed the true results, we were not afraid of any kind of denies. We made researches in purpose of seeking for a truly better life for all human beings instead of anyone’ compliment.
Therefore, our conviction is always steady that the human body regenerative regeneration science is innovatively established by us and it is unique in the history of human beings till now without any record before. All the relevant copyrights and patents belong to us. Science always needs further exploration. Only when we try to explore the natural rules and manage to handle the rules, can we approach to the science.
CT: That’s to say that you’ve uncovered the code of human organ regenerative restoration from the skin regeneration and started to explore other organs of human body. I’m really interested in your introduction and I’d like to know what your new attempt is next. If the regenerative restoration of human organs has been achieved, is there any rejection when the regeneration is fulfilled on the original injured cells?
Xu: It is definitely impossible for the rejection because the regeneration occurs in situ, which means at original site of the original subject, thus and there is nothing related to rejection. You just mentioned about our next tasks. First of all, we are going to make the public acknowledged about this science and the regenerative abilities of their cells. They will know this ability is available in every human body but usually they can not get access to the certain energy or food to initiate the potential display of those cells since our food chain is limited. Although now we have more than 20 thousand kinds of food to choose from, the food is functionally similar.
We found the regenerative ability of human cells coincidentally, and we have been seeking for the source, which can initiate and cultivate those cells for regeneration. We’ve been studying on this for 20 years. In the future, new food energy will come up in our daily life. With the new food energy, the regenerative ability of human cells is automatic not regulated or controlled by others. We have not taken in the energy from the food for the cells now. So for the first step, we are aimed to help people get access to this kind of food.
Secondly, we are going to focus on some tough and refractory diseases, such as cancers and organic diseases. Why should we focus on this aspect? As I mentioned that we are not simply a healthcare industry but a human life industry, which is related to the life of all human beings. Our goal is to have people not only pursue health but also longer life span. Currently, the most difficult problems threatening people’s health are incurable and refractory diseases, like some human organic diseases, which always haunts around the patient throughout the life, though a big sum of money and energy is spent only for supporting and sustaining the physical condition. Why can’t these diseases be cured? It lies in the very difference between Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science and current Medicine.
Current Medicine is very important and it focuses on the diseases and using substances to fight against diseases; while Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science is to culture the Potential Regenerative Cells in your body to regenerate new cells and replace the diseased cells, which will eliminate the diseases from the pathogenic roots. Thus, we shed a light on the severe and tough diseases curing. For example, it seems hopeless for patients with cirrhosis or coronary heart disease as well as the most common female refractory diseases and male prostatauxe. Now I am happy to tell them there is hope to cure all those diseases. Now we can prevent the human organs from diseases or restore the diseased organs back to normal if we can maintain the regeneration process inside of the body going well.
As I mentioned above that it is almot hopeless when someone has ‘chronic atrophic gastritis’ which can never be cured and will eventually develop into cancer. That is one of the most difficult issues in the medical field. Here, I am excited to declare that we can recover this disease in half a year, which has been already achieved by us in clinic. The successful application of this science and technique on all the incurable and refractory diseases will not only help to find the solution of life rescuing or healthcare issue but to improve the quality of people’s life and save a huge amount of medical expenses.
Xu: For the third step, we will not only do the research by ourselves but also announce it by means of publishing book. I believe that many scientists will put down what they are working and turn into this science system after getting to know this Science. Why other researchers didn't get any result according to the conventional scientific system which has existed for more than 200 years? The reason is that the system belongs to the in vitro research system. On the contrary, our system is in situ studies. Doing scientific research is not for one scientist’s interest but for the whole human beings. The scientist who is doing the scientific research for himself is not a true scientist. However, one person’s strength is far from enough, and we need all the collaboration of all colleagues to make use this technique and the research method to explore the other mysteries of human body. We just discovered only one mystery of human body and there are still numerous mysteries of human body which are waiting for us to discover.
Therefore, human body is like the universe and you should ‘study’ it other than just ‘looking’ at it. Nowadays there are many wrong view points which judge others’ work according to their own personal views. For example, I heard that one professor of Stanford University invented the anti-caner technique after 20 years’ research. I went there and only met him at his funeral. He died of cancer. Was he doing the research of anti-cancer? How could he save the world by his anti-cancer technique since he did not even succeed in saving his own life by his technique? Science has the natural laws and we should not violate the natural laws when doing scientific research. We should make full use of the natural laws in order to discover the essence of human body and find the common points of human lives so that we can achieve the goal of bring benefits to all human beings.
CT: After your introduction, I guess everyone can see the hopes, especially what you mentioned in the first step that we need to find out the regenerative substances firstly to wake up the dormant human regenerative cells. Have you found any in our food yet?
Xu: Yes, we found it and it is what everyone concerns. I didn’t say ‘yes’ five years ago, but I say ‘yes’ now. Because we spent five years to complete the animal experiments on rats to observe whether the old cells could be replaced in situ under the function of this kind of substances and solve some key problems. Furthermore, we have carried out the trials on almost 200 volunteers who are senior leaders and gentlemen and all of them are willing to try it. A large number of applications on the human bodies have verified the efficacy of it in the past 3 years. 
We are responsible for what we said and we dare not to say it if the principle hasn’t been found yet. And actually the substances exist in our daily meals. The absorption of any substance is like the process of decoding, as the nutrients of the human body are like the digits and codes which people know well. Our substances are the same as other common ones. The difference is that our substances are the well integrated complex of nutrients more favorable for human body. Moreover, the cells have their own choices when absorbing the nutrients, for example the gastrointestinal tract permits ‘A’ to pass through while keeping ‘B’ outside, and this process is rather complicated.
Xu: We have found the principles of these substances and we need more specific studies further. We have analyzed the substances from more than 200 types of cells. Human body develops from the combination of the ovum and the sperm. But how many types of cells does the fertilized ovum differentiate into totally? And we just chose about 200 types of cells for analysis at that time, but we will have more specific and detailed analysis in the future. The life scientists will analyze the substances of various cells more and more specifically and more and more substances will be found. Therefore, it is not just as simple as the concern on food.
Nowadays, many illnesses are caused by incorrect diet. Because of wrong diet, some substances are insufficient while some other substances excessive beyond the human body’s ability to discharge. For example, fatty liver disease and coronary disease are usually caused by inappropriate diet. The case is the same with the cells of human body which will suffer premature ageing or die because of poor nutrition. From this point of view, it is safe to claim that if the people from all over the world treat the complex of substances we found as the energy sources, it will be popularized widely very soon. It’s the natural product, not synthesized.
Nowadays, we have many types of cuisine, eg. ‘Sichuan cuisine’, ‘Cantonese cuisine’, ‘Shandong cuisine’, ‘Jiangsu cuisine’. We can imagine that 100 years later when we look back at today, it will be like today’s people looking back at ape men in the past, because we will know much more that has not been known yet in the scientific field. Now, we have known that some substances should be taken while some others shouldn’t, which otherwise, will not only cause the waste of resources but lead to human body damages. Moreover, such necessary complex of substances is already in front of us now and everyone will be able to get it soon.
CT: From your theory, we will naturally think of one hot topic which is about Stem Cells. You are enjoying a high status in this field. Could you please tell us whether the theory of Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science has also carried the stem cells study great forward?
Xu: In fact, the public is misled by some wrong concepts. Stem cells are not independent cells and they have predecessors. Stem cells are in the middle period of the process of the predecessors forming tissues and organs. For example, the hematopoietic stem cells will form the normal cells at last. They exist in the middle period of the cell development, their predecessors are bone marrow hematopoietic cells and they will finally form into red blood cells. This is the developing process of stem cells. Therefore, stem cells are not independent cells.
Furthermore, we should be clear about the concept of stem cells. We can not call all the cells always being alive there as stem cells. In stead, stem cells are those that can form tissues or cells with the normal function. The cells which can not form the normal tissues can not be called Stem Cells. Take the scar cells for example, the scar cells can also differentiate and proliferate just as same as the stem cells. But they will eventually form the ‘scar’ other than the ‘normal skin’. So they can not be called as ‘stem cells’. Likewise, cancer cells which also can differentiate and proliferate but into cancer tissue eventually, of course, they can not be called as ‘stem cells’ either.
Xu: From the original concept of stem cells, there are only two stem cells- the ‘embryonic stem cell’ and ‘hematopoietic stem cell’ at the earliest stage. Embryonic stem cells are those middle processing cells which differentiate to form into organs in the process of the body development. There are early ones and late ones according to the different stages of the development of the human body. Many researchers are imagining whether they can take one out and cultivate it in vitro. But it is just a good dream, for the cell taken off from the human body will never be the same one as is in human anymore.
In addition, some scientists want to produce ‘something’ by means of stem cells, but that is also a dream. That is why I emphasize the concept of stem cells here so as to make the public a clear understanding of it and not to be misled anymore.
Since 1998, some scientists have started to boast their studies on embryonic stem cells with few results. After that, they started to boast that they were able to change somatic cells into stem cells. The induction of somatic cells into the stem cells not from ovum and sperm is what we have achieved in the experience of treating burns long time ago. They just embezzled our concept that the somatic cell can be induced into stem cell. Even by that, they still did not succeed and induced the somatic cells into some kind of cancer cells.
Xu: In fact, only when the produced cells are able to become the normal tissues they can be considered as stem cells. Otherwise, they are not the stem cells at all. It is only a ‘blueprint’ on stem cells study and all the people are dreaming of it, but what they did is actually against scientific rules. Hypothesis is encouraged in science. However, the truth must be supported by the scientific results. Like stem cells study, it is not right to claim cells as stem cells when they are actually not stem cells. On this concern, we should be clear about the whole concept of the science instead of just pointing against someone. 
Therefore, the first concept in this book is about the concept of stem cells. What is ‘stem cell’? Stem cells are the cells which have the ability to differentiate and proliferate into normal cells, tissues or organs. For example, the hematopoietic stem cells are stem cells, because they can produce the red blood cells which can play a role in human body. However, the hematopoietic stem cells do not exist in human body permanently, and they have their predecessors---the bone marrow cells. The process is just as: 1) the bone marrow cells become into stem cells, and 2) the stem cells become into red blood cells.
Thus, it is not worth mentioning of stem cells because the study on stem cells is just the middle part of our research and it is under the natural laws. Human body can not control the differentiation direction of stem cells. Stem cells can’t be formed if we, human body, don’t have the potential and ability. If somebody transformed the cells into stem cells, they are not the stem cells of human body itself but some artificial ones. Once the genetic property of the cells is changed, the developed new living organism will be a totally new one, instead of the original.
I hope everyone can really understand it through my book. The common public is easy to get confused. They are easily to be convinced by the so-called ‘stem cells’ studies and get excited; they always take granted that gene is the key to human life. As a matter of fact, ‘gene’ does not equal to life, and ‘stem cells’ are not the final ancestor for human organs formation either. We should find out which is their predecessors, because no stem cells would come out if there was no such predecessors. By that, I think all of you are clearer now.
CT: So that is to say there are some misunderstandings on those concepts before, right?
Xu: That is not misunderstanding. The reason lies in the limited range of the knowledge of the public. Even those scientists who are doing the research on stem cells maybe not clear about the concepts. This claim might be a little controversial to them, while them are welcome to stand out and debate with me. After all, we can not decorate the science and no one should claim that they found stem cells while they actually did not.
CT: We also noticed that several media have reported some scientific achievements at home and abroad who actually also used and followed your theories and ideas. In fact it is a tort, right? Have you ever thought to protect your own intellectual properties?
Xu: Of course, from my personal point of view I might have thought to do that. We have already got patents including US Patents for our invention of in situ stem cells cloning technology, so we have already held the copyright and the right of discourse. But it is not meaningful for me as an individual, for the research is for the benefits of the common people. No matter who come for the scramble of the technology, they are ‘welcome’. However, we sincerely hope that they can get the right thing. They should follow the correct scientific principles if they want to use theories and thoughts. Otherwise, we have to alarm them in legal way and make them clear that researchers who just strive for personal reputation and interests will spoil their life. There are many examples like that and they failed finally. Some even attacked me on the internet: ‘Many failed after all; only I stand out.’ Why?
We should consider that from two sides. As a researcher, if your scientific result is false, it will be disclosed anyways. Even though you have been granted with the highest scientific fame and enjoy all the respects, sooner or later, you will go down in history as a symbol of infamy. Likewise, why can the historical scientists long live in people’ memory, enjoying even higher historic status than the emperors? The reason is that they have made the real contribution to the humanity. So as for the issue of property rights protection, if other researchers really use my fruits to do research for the benefits of the humanity, I will encourage and support them. If not, and instead, for their own fame and wealth, I will certainly punish them.
Last time, we made an announcement about that issue, and none of those who scrambled my ideas dared rising up to refute me. I hope that will let them constrain themselves and reveal their true scientific results honestly. By claiming the induction of somatic cells into stem cells, they are required to note that it is the idea proposed and realized by Chinese. There are no such results in the world before. As I am claiming here, if it was other’s result and I copied it, no matter I did it on purpose or not, I would certainly correct my conduct by following the spirits of truth and honesty of science.
There is an example on that. We know that it is the famous scientist Mendel who discovered the chromosome, the generic substance in the middle of 19th century. However, his printed paper on this discovery was not published and founded until 40 years later when the same study result was obtained by scientists from New York. Those scientists determined at once to attribute the result to Mendel after they knew the truth of the whole story. From that, we can see science is like this: the one who discovers the truth first should be the father. In this respect, we applied for the patents not for the purpose of any personal profits, but for the true reflection of scientific discoveries. Otherwise, the science will be a mess.
Yes, we should respect the science. In your book, you also put forward a new concept which is the Regenerative Health Preservation for healthy people. What is the core of this concept?
It is actually the same topic as what I talked just now. The difference is that what I said just now is about the scientific studies and now I am talking about the application of the studies results. If we claim that regeneration is a must, it is very hard for people to accept it now because they may think they are already living quite well. So we put forward the concept of maintaining the life in good health and human life depends on the health preservation other than by medical treatment. It is actually late when the life needs medical interventions. Therefore, it is our concept and goal to maintain our cells in good health in advance so as to avoid illness. Even for infectious diseases, human body still can survive with their body resistance. Otherwise, how can the human beings survive till now? Indeed, human body has somewhat resistant ability to diseases except the severe traumas.
So the core of Regenerative Health Preservation is simple: activating the regenerative potential of the human body and cultivating the Potential Regenerative Cells to maintain the life in good health, have a longer life span, and prevent and cure tough diseases. If the functions of human body are incomplete, we don’t need to treat the diseases and the diseases will be recovered by themselves. Now we are aimed at activating the regenerative potential of human body, so that the life of human beings will have one more safeguard. The original safeguard of human life is daily three meals and the life span of all is basically the same. When the goal of regenerative health preservation is realized, the life span of human beings can be extended fourther. Just like what I said just now, the theoretical life span of human beings is at least 300 years and now our studies on regenerative health preservation have found one key to the mystery of human life, and it is can be realized to extend the life span to 120 years though it is still not enough to extend the life of human beings to 300 years. Try to imagine, when people were 100 years old they still could work, those who died in 80s or 90s would be considered as early death like those dying of cancer today. Is that right? People should be conscious that by regenerative health preservation it is not just the common protection of human body, but the prevention of diseases and the maintenance of the human health, and more importantly, keeping the normal physiological and functional conditions of human organs so as to extend human life as long as possible. The life span of human beings is like the length of the wheat growing from the seed to the harvest. Till now, there is not any conclusion on the life extension of human beings yet. From the 00 AD until now, how much has human beings’ life been extended? Now People feel satisfied if they can live up to 80s or 90s, just as the Chinese saying goes: Death will knock his door when a man is in his 70s or 80s. In fact, it is far from enough yet. In our concept, we should be still young when we were in 80s. If the life longevity can be extended further, what a great change the world will have? How much more contribute we will do to the world? How different the whole world will look like?
When the Bureau of US Patents awarded me the first patent on our technology, one of their commissioners called me. He told me that they would award me the patent without any need of debate; however, he curiously asked me how many changes the world is expected to go in 5 years with my patented technology in my perspectives. I replied he might be clearer than me about this. And he replied that their thoughts were already over fanciful. Then I explained to him further: firstly, the announcement of the profound thoughts of our life science doesn’t rely on the ideal design but on the true practical realizations to tell the public how much longer they can live. And secondly, it is not about the maintenance of the aging life the extending of the entire life period. Then the public can plan their life schedule according to their new life period. It usually takes 20 years for people to learn knowledge and skills. When they just start their careers in 30s, there are only another 20 years left before their aging and retirement. Now, that will not be a problem anymore, for they are expected to be able to work for another 60 years. You can imagine how much more fortune can be created and what a change the social structure will have. Today, we are having the talk show here, in order to make it as a historical record and wait to see years later what change will take place as mentioned in this record.
CT: I know there are many netizens who are very interested in ‘Regenerative Health Preservation’, which is a kind of life style, and a kind of life philosophy. They want to know how to develop that ability. And do you have any promotion plan on this?
Xu: We do have such a promotion plan, but it is not to be finished by us only. We are in the process of organizing a international alliance, which unites politicians, capitalists, charitarians, clinicians to accomplish the plan altogether. Once we have already got the results, we could never wait any more, because waiting means doing nothing for the dying. Every time when I walk on the street and see so many people needing to be saved, I will feel frustrated from the bottom of my heart. How can I save them all by my own strength? So it needs all nations’ strength, and the power of the financial groups. Then you would ask me: how can they believe in you? Maybe they would think you are dreaming or you are mad. However, we will have our own way to release it and they will know it soon. And I believe our true results will persuade those people and then all the people in the world will be on the way forward.
How to make my plan into realization among the public? It is actually quite simple. Only the addition of some kinds of food into the three meals daily will work. The change is so small that you may not even feel it. With such food intake, the native ability and regeneration of humans will be initiated and realized. You see, it is so easy. All we use is just the new complex of some kinds of human food.
CT: Do you consider that the Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science implies a great potential of economic market? Do you think China should be the first to occupy the commanding height and become the leader of the new market?
Xu: It goes without saying that it is not a kind of economy but the mark for the change of the world pattern. People will fight for it instead of ‘oil’. Now the people do not realize it and do not care. In other tens of years, for example 10 years later, when the person who uses it will still maintain their young state while those who do not use it will be aging, which is the same as the results of our animal experiments, it will become the target that everyone strives for. And then it will produce great economic effectiveness at that stage.
As it is invented by Chinese, undoubtedly it should be occupied by Chinese first. If Chinese fail to realize the fact, there will be a pity in the history. It is not a common kind of economy but the economy of the whole human society. So it can not be considered as a business of a small company which will earn some trillions of money and listed in the stock market. That is not meaningful. In stead, it is the economy of human life. And with the driving force of such economy, more and more people will get access to the food. That is our higher goal of such economy, not the economic fight for anything. So such economy is in the process of development in the early stage and will push our food to become the necessity of humanity.
I am quite impressed with our results over the past several years. There were many volunteers who tried our food, especially those who had cancer relieved from dying after the food intake, and they had already lived 2-3 years longer than expectation. However, when they felt good after that, they stopped eating any more. And then, days after that, they died. That indicates the mechanism and function of regenerative cells of human body. The dying could not live on their own because they lacked the power of initiating and maintaining the regenerative cells. They can only continue their life by taking regenerative substances (our food) to support the regenerative cells. Once they abandoned the food, the regenerative cells will lose their function again and the patients died several days later.
According to this result, I want to tell everyone that if they want to extend their life span, there is a new way to take at present. If all people are on this way, no matter the young or the old, everybody can have a longer and healthier life, and the middle aged people will benefit the most. When food economy is connected with the economy of human life, that is the biggest economy as well as a life practice.
CT: In the end, I want to ask, can you tell me what your expectation for Chinese health industry is.
Xu: Just now I said that health industry is to reduce human diseases. What we are doing is the regeneration of human body. I hope that the health industry could turn round their development direction timely into the direction of human life regeneration. It will lead the international health industry. Just now I said the development of human life economy is in the early stage. And the real development will be enjoyed by the whole people. According to our plan and the progress of peoples’ congnition ability, it will be open to the public in the future. But not now, for only a few people understand the science now. Later on, every one can make their regenerative food on their own at home to practice regenerative health preservation. That is our final goal. Of course, the production can be carried by the plants because of the complicated procedures of manufacturing. I have been always designing a goal like this, so that in the future it will be just like the petro service station where every one can go and get one bottle of the food and take it as meals back home.
We all know that the soilless culturing technologies for some kinds of plants has been realized. Why do we human still need to eat steamed bread? We will tell people soon that our substances provides essence for human life, so that people can enjoy the nice taste of the product while getting all the nutrition sufficient. That is the general goal.
CT: Yes, it is very interesting. I can see the topic of what people will eat in the future will be concerned and discussed continuously for a long time. Today, I am very happy to explore the secrets of human life with Dr. Xu, who helped us realize that human have the potential of regeneration. Thanks for all the netizens’ watching and see you next time!
Xu: Thank you!